The Bohemian Press is a non profit print collective based in the University of Minnesota Department of Art. Bo' Press enables undergraduate and graduate printmakers to show, sell, and exhibit their work, furiously spreading print in the community as they go.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

October Update from Bohemian Press....!!!!

Hello to all! 

Hope everyone out there had a nice October and spooky-filled Halloween. I'm sure you've all been wondering what good ol' Bo Press has been up to! WELLL we've been hard at work and very busy with lots of fun-filled events... 

If you haven't been following us recently... we had MCAD's Piotr Szyhalski come in earlier this month to do some incredible litho prints and give a lecture at t
he in-flux gallery, which was also accompanied by a live-screen printing event. Check out our photos from the event if you missed out!

On top of that we also had a very exciting HALLOWEEN PRINTMAKING EXTRAVAGANZAA, which kept us very busy last week. Our printmaking extravaganza consisted of printing with our visiting artists Tim Dooley and Aaron Wilson of Midwest Pressed, projections by MAW, a fun mask-making workshop, and more printing with Midwest Pressed. It was a blast and we can't thank everyone enough for coming to help out. If you'd like, you can head on over to the Quarter Gallery to check out the work we did with them. Tonight is the last night though... so hurry on over!

You can check out our photos from that as well!

Now that we've got October covered... Let us tell you about the future!!

We've got some exciting things coming up... print sales, a calendar, and more visiting artists... Hope we can keep you busy.. :)

P.S.!!!!!!! EDGAR ENDRESS, a Chilean-born artist working at the edge of social sculpture/practice, interactive media, collaboration and public performance is giving a lecture tonight at 7 o'clock in the In-Flux Space! Click the link below for more info!!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Autumn in Printland

Happy Fall! It's a new semester, which means fresh ink and fresh MEMBERS! We had a great turnout at our first BoPress meeting, and we've got a slew of activities on the horizon, like Paint the Bridge, visiting artists Piotr Szyhalski and Midwest Pressed, parties, sales, and general what-have-you! Our next meeting is on Thursday the 27th at 12:30pm. Email and/or join our Facebook group for more information.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Performative Print/Beyond the Sheet Goes to a Warehouse: An Art Event

On the last day of the U's May Term Print and Paper course we gathered in a warehouse in the Seward neighborhood to display and present the work accomplished in just three short weeks. Check the course blog for some pictures of the final products, and videos of the projects that were screened. It was an amazing send off with screen printing, paper sculpture, samples of the street works, Super 8 and video screenings, a puppet show, glow in the dark rabbits, paper plane poems, and screen printed kites demonstrations. A pretty ambitious batch of accomplishments.

Some of Keiko's many accomplishments with paper.

Sarah presents her pronto plate collage stalker story book.

Keiko discusses her various pulp treasures.

Some of the glowing rabbits I was talking about.

We gathered early in the day to look at Fred's work, which resulted in a really amazing conceptual piece refelecting on words and the poetry of John Berryman. There's much more to it than that, but you can see more on his tumblr, and an upcoming final post.

Sam and Sarah - loadin' up!

Ben discusses his public sign project - designed to be taken from posts around the city.

Sam welded this from scrap - complete with screen storage printing table and QRabbit sticker.
He gave away the prints pictured below.

Sam's mobile screen press open to the public.

My light up heart embryo thing fell of.... facilitating a stop at Skol.

Erin's flag project, ready for emergence in the city.

Kieran's paper made of tshirts and actual glitter - which were then
tranformed into a Super 8 film inspired by .gif animations.

What an amazing experience. This was a first for us as teachers, and hopefully not the last. The work here reflects the ambition and hard work of a great group of students - and we hope it will be a big step in bridging personal studio practices and the world at large. This course was designed to introduce a variety of new approaches to printmaking and paper, and to foster an enriching creative experience in the print studio. That experience resulted in a number of personal and experimental artistic enterprises, many of which were really surprising - but each one drew from the spirit of interactivity, and were deeply rewarding to see come to fruition.
Thanks to a great class and to Laura and Terez.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Bo' Press FUNdraiser @ Leg Up!!!!!!

An amazing event put together by Bo' Press and Leg Up - A smashing success, that really drew together and from the many resources the Twin Cites has to offer as a print community.
Nice work and thanks for coming out!

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